hardware filtering and monitoring proxy
faucet is a hardware firewall/proxy solution that allows for multi device monitoring and network filter in homes and small offices. Combined with the online interface, faucet provides an easy to use modular filtering solution that is capable of using deep packet inspection to block certain sites.
enterprise media aggregation
eigenpic helps enterprises aggregate pictures and videos from their customers, while also tagging and sharing them to social networks on demand. It helps a brand reinforce their image using media obtained from a variety of endpoints. Apps are available for Android and iOS.
retail shift scheduling
schedulr simplifies scheduling employee shifts by taking specialized skills and preferences into account. Employees can view the shifts they work, open shifts that they can pick up and request time off within the application. This reduces the time spent by managers scheduling and coordinating different resources. The self-service portal is available outside the workplace and an iOS app is available as well.
product metadata browser
produto is an online product browser and metadata viewer aimed at corporations with regulatory or customer facing publishing requirements. This can include Product brochures, Product Data Sheets, Technical documentation and other product documents. produto is your public and private document repository and makes sharing and consolidating that content easier. Apps are available on iOS.
personal link aggregation
hashtbl is a personal link aggregator which gathers saved and shared links on social networks, while organizing them for easy search and retrieval.
non-profit people management
missionalMe is a set of applications that aims to connect people with a mission and help them be effective at it. missionalMe helps participants be on mission, together, without worrying about the logistics that accompany managing large groups of people and tasks.
iOS Chord transposing App
An iOS application that helps musicians quickly and easily transpose chords from one scale to another. Coming soon to the App Store.
mathematical modelling
The Consortium for Mathematics and Its Applications(COMAP) awarded my team an honorable mention for our performance in the Mathematical Contest in Modeling. The model that we generated and the simulation can be seen in our submission.
2011, 2010
RSA SecurID Analysis
blackbox crypto-analysis
Performed independent research and cryptanalysis of the RSA SecurID to test for collisions in the values generated by the pseudorandom number generator.
Live Tracer
realtime ray tracing
A realtime ray tracer that can be used for mathematical modeling. The program also includes a fully featured Graphics and Vector library. The application is capable of diffuse shading and specular highlights and textures and normal mapping.
Open Source
open source contributions
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